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Connor Kids Academy is a three-year experience. The only entry point is during spring of fourth grade, when we offer 30 spots per city. Because of our limited spots and the long-term impact of the program, participants and their parents make a formal commitment

For three years, we provide a supportive and engaging environment that fosters life-changing growth. We also hold participants (and parents) accountable.

Be inspired, not intimidated, by the high standards and hard work required! If you're ready to take on the challenge, we're ready to welcome you. Here's what all new participants commit to:

For the next 3 years, I commit to using the app at least 3 days per week and attending each event (3 events per year). 

In return, we commit to investing our time and resources into each participant's success. It's easy to get in touch with our full-time staff, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the program.


The app is an important part of the the program because it keeps participants focused on their growth 365 days a year. Everyday use helps participants "build a winning streak" that results in life-changing personal growth.

It's only available to Connor Kids Academy participants, so everything about the app is designed for boys like them.

  • A habit tracking tool reinforces routines for physical activity, personal organization, and planning.
  • The goal-setting feature helps participants commit to something specific and reminds them of past accomplishments.
  • New activities arrive daily on topics like nutrition, personal values, and college — including videos from athletes at our partner universities.

To reward participants' commitment, they earn points each time they engage. The app shows them the connection between hard work and real-life rewards — points are redeemed for items that show up at their doorstep.

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Our events are designed from scratch specifically to appeal to boys in fifth to seventh grades. It's a total of nine events over three years.

The summer event kicks us off. There, we join our university athletic partner to offer an unforgettable three-day camp on campus. On the basketball court, university players provide motivation and encouragement during drills, scrimmages, and contests. It doesn't matter if participants have been playing for five years or five days. They make lasting memories with local sports heroes that go far beyond the court.

In fact, we spend as much time off the court as we do on it. In addition to basketball activities, participants tour the college campus, get inspired by guest speakers, and participate in educational sessions. The college athletes are there the entire time, acting as positive male role models who know what it takes to be healthy, stay disciplined, and set big goals.

Once in the fall and once in the spring, we gather in person again to have fun, recognize hard work, and continue the push toward life-changing personal growth.