Promoting personal growth through the power of sports

What is Connor Kids Academy?

  • Exclusive 3-year program for boys.
  • Teaching healthy habits and good choices using the power of sports.
  • Partnering with local college teams to offer one-of-a-kind experiences.
  • Year-round engagement with events and a custom app.
  • Covers 5th through 7th grade (enroll during 4th).

The Commitment

When you choose to enroll in Connor Kids Academy, you're making a serious commitment. We're here to help you achieve life-changing growth, so we expect you to work hard and meet high expectations for participation. Do you have what it takes?


Boys becoming young men

We inspire and influence boys during a critical time in their lives.

Players on a local college basketball team serve as role models. At events and on the app, they are uniquely qualified to share advice about healthy habits and good choices. Boys listen when college athletes talk!

Additionally, the program gives participants a path for achieving personal growth. The app connects their hard work to real-life rewards that show up at their doorstep. And we individually recognize each participant who reaches our high standards.


Is this a team or camp?

No. We use basketball as a tool to reach, motivate, and educate participants, but we are not a sports organization. Connor Kids Academy is an enrichment program.

No previous basketball experience is required. Participants just need to be interested in sports and staying physically active.

To be successful, participants must work hard and stay committed to each part of the program.