Promoting personal growth through the power of sports

A place for young men to work together to become their best selves

Our one-of-a-kind program features:

  • Year-round attention on each participant
  • In-person events in the summer, fall, and spring
  • An exclusive app, updated daily
  • No cost

Ready to commit?

Connor Kids Academy isn't for just anyone. Our participants and their parents make a 1,000-day commitment.

It is hard work to become your best self! While in the Academy, you will work with college and professional athletes who teach, inspire, and challenge you at our summer sports camp. In addition, you will attend special in-person events, use our app each week, and earn rewards and recognition along the way. Are you ready to commit to a program unlike any other?


Investing in each young man

Connor Kids Academy is an innovative approach to guiding and developing young men at an important time in their lives. Through the power of sports, we help our participants maintain healthy habits and make good choices.

We partner with university athletic departments — including their players, coaches, and facilities — to invest in young men entering 5th through 7th grades. It isn't just a sports camp. It's a 1,000 day life-changing experience. And we continue to raise the bar and improve our impact.

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"So, is this a sports camp?"

With a sports camp, the sports are the whole purpose — you run drills, you study a playbook, you scrimmage, you compete, you win, you lose, and you holler "see you next year!" across the parking lot when the camp is over. We think there is great value in an experience like that. In fact, many of our participants (and children of our own staff) attend traditional sports camps each year.

But when it comes to Connor Kids Academy, sports are not our whole purpose. For us, sports are the avenue through which we attract, motivate and educate our participants.

In other words, we're much more than a sports camp. We are a 1,000-day enrichment program for young men making our impact through the power of sports.