Promoting personal growth through the power of sports

A three-year enrichment program for boys starting the summer before 5th grade

Our one-of-a-kind Academy includes:

  • Year-round attention on each participant.
  • In-person events in the summer, fall, and spring.
  • An exclusive app, updated daily.
  • No cost.

It's not for everyone

Our participants make a three-year commitment. They go "all in" to achieve life-changing personal growth.

This includes attending three yearly events and using our app at least three days per week.

It's a program unlike any other!


Boys becoming young men

Connor Kids Academy inspires and influences boys during an important transition in their lives. Participants interact with male role models who use sports to reinforce healthy habits and good choices.

To boost impact, we work with local university basketball teams. Division I players work with participants on and off the court at events, including our summer basketball camp.

Our exclusive app offers boys a way to feel successful every day, and provides real rewards for ongoing commitment.

hands up

Is this a team, camp, or league?

No. We use basketball as a tool to reach, motivate, and educate participants, but we are not a sports organization. We are a three-year, year-round enrichment program.

Our participants have a wide range of basketball experience. Some only recently started playing, while others have been playing since they could walk!

What do they have in common? At the most basic level, successful participants want to become better at the game of basketball — and also the game of life.