What is Connor Kids Academy?

Connor Kids Academy is a three-year, sports-based enrichment program for students. It will provide kids with a potentially life-changing three-year experience, leveraging college and professional athletes and coaches to provide impactful in-person experiences and an interactive app that promotes healthy habits and choices.

What does it include?

The program starts for students the summer before their fifth-grade year. A full, 3-day program during the summer includes sports related activities and a curriculum built to teach our educational pillars - helping campers form healthy habits and equipping them to make great choices. The program includes in-person experiences in the Spring and Winter (a sporting event and other local cultural and educational attractions).

How do they stay connected between in-person events?

As a Connor Kids Academy student, you will have access to our exclusive app. The Academy App provides year-round interaction with sports stars, interactive learning tools and a resource to support the pillars of forming healthy habits and making good choices.

How do they use the app?

The Academy app is free to all Connor Kids Academy students. They will be introduced to the app during their first summer camp. As kids achieve healthy living milestones in the app, they will earn points and the opportunity to earn rewards.

What activities will children do each day during the summer event?

Each day is a mix of physical activities and educational sessions—focused on healthy habits and making great choices. There will be lots of basketball, college campus visits, and fun games.

Does my child need to be an elite athlete or play sports?

In short, no. The program is not designed to be a skills development camp. To enjoy the experience, your child should be interested in sports and be willing to participate in all the physical activities that are part of the camp. This includes basketball drills and games, along with other activities like relay races and stretching.

Who is conducting the Academy?

Connor Kids Academy is a partnership between Kids & Community Partners and ProCamps. Kids & Community Partners is the non-profit arm of The Connor Group, a Dayton based real estate investment firm. ProCamps is a best-in-class event management and sports marketing company specializing in developing, managing, and organizing camps.

How is my child’s school involved?

We have connected with schools in our community to identify students who may be interested in Connor Kids Academy. The program is run and funded independent of the school.

Who are the adults supervising the children?

They are ProCamp and Kids & Community Partner employees, university coaches and players, and other influencers selected to best deliver the message for students to become the best version of themselves. All participants will have been properly vetted and gone through a rigorous background check.

What does it cost?

There is no cost for this program, and transportation, meals and snacks are provided.

What are the criteria for admission?

The Connor Kids Academy will be comprised of students from our partner schools. To be eligible, the student must:

  • Be a male student entering his fifth-grade year
  • Make a commitment to the Connor Kid Academy pledge
  • Receive his school’s endorsement

What is the Connor Kids Academy pledge?

Connor Kids Academy is not for everyone. It requires a three-year commitment, including attending the summer programming, a winter and spring event, and staying connected via the Academy app. Students will have to earn their ability to remain in Connor Kids Academy by showing up, trying hard, contributing in a positive manner, and continuing to receive their school’s endorsement.

The pledge is required by all participants. It signifies their commitment and willingness to get everything they can out of being part of the Connor Kids Academy.

The pledge

“I will dedicate myself to making choices and continue forming habits to become my best self.”