Dayton Connor Kids Academy

We are excited to begin enrollment for year two of the Dayton Connor Kids Academy!

The 2022-23 school year will be the beginning of an exciting three-year experience for a new group of rising fifth graders. It kicks-off this summer with our Academy camp and extends over the next three years. We will also be inviting back last year’s inaugural class entering the sixth grade.

Throughout the three-day camp, students will receive tips and hands-on instruction to showcase the importance of physical activity through traditional basketball drills, scrimmages, and a championship tournament. Participants will also take part in other physical activities, providing additional ways students can stay active in their daily life.

Campers will participate in structured activities that promote healthy habits and making great choices. Our camp will include some of the area’s top local athletes and coaches including University of Dayton men’s basketball head coach, Anthony Grant, and the UD men’s basketball team.

At the conclusion of the three-day program, students will receive a personalized stat sheet and medal. This will allow students to see their progression and set goals for the school year. At the conclusion of day three, an awards ceremony will be held to reward and recognize the accomplishments of the students.

In addition, students will receive a gear package to wear during the camp, including t-shirts, shorts, and socks. Transportation will be supplied to and from the student’s school to camp. Meals will be provided in an educational and interactive manner. Whether it is receiving instruction from a professional chef, learning food facts, or experiencing new ways to create healthy snacks, we’ve got it covered. All we need are students willing to dedicate themselves to making choices and forming habits to better themselves!